My True Value

Our mission

Our mission is to help you believe in your own worth. We know that almost everyone can benefit from working with their own worth. Our goal is to digitalize all the best practices you will get from therapists, psychologists, coaches, and mentors. We know the world would be a better place if we all believed more in ourselves.

Believing yourself is not about being selfish or ego-centered. Actually, it is the exact opposite. If you believe in yourself and do not put so much negative energy on yourself, you will have more free resources to believe and forgive others too. When you free yourself from emotionally beating yourself up over things you have done, you make room for yourself. That increases your possibility to improve and move on. It sounds great, right? Is it easy? No! It is a life-long education. But you can help yourself every day, and that will make you feel better.

In the end, the world will be better if we have more people feeling better in it.

Gain success with your self-development and become the best version of yourself
Family photo of the creaters of My True Value

Who is behind My True Value?

We are Trine and Christian from Roskilde, Denmark. Husband and wife. Parents to Elias and Elva, who are 10 and 6 years old. We are 41 and 43 years old.

We love to stay home and feel cozy with our kids. Besides that, Christian loves freedom, computer games, and staying active with physical training. Trine loves hard work, (love) movies, and fast walks. At the end of the day, our most important energy lies within the family.

Family photo of the creaters of My True Value

The idea of My True Value

The idea of "My True Value" has been matured over a long period of time. Trine has for many years worked in a digitalized industry in many different roles such as Project Manager, Chief Commercial Officer, and business developer. Christian has worked with Real Estate, day trading, and app development. It is far from self-discovery.

But in 2012, Trine was offered a job that required heavy leadership. She got several personal tests before she could start the job.
She had done similar tests several times before. But this time, she learned that she could benefit from working on her self-worth!

It led to many years of working with self-worth. She read tons of books. Attended several online events. She visited mentors, coaches, and therapists. Not only to work on self-worth but also during the time trying to develop leader-skills. Over time, she realized that all self-development always comes down to self-worth.

She realized over the years how many people suffer from low self-worth and how much it can affect a life. How little self-care people practice and often when people.

That is what made My True Value.

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