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Healthy self-worth is the greatest and strongest gift you can give yourself.

SELF will be your daily, helpful companion. It is your personal guide that will give you concrete reflections and exercises to a stronger and better you.

Welcome to My True Value, your personal guide to better self-worth

How will the app help you to healthy self-worth and self-esteem


You will reflect to understand your feelings, your behavior, and your habits.


You will practice how to take care of yourself, respect yourself and show yourself compassion.


You will practice presence and learn to listen to yourself and understand your feelings.


You will learn to communicate with respect for yourself and others and release judgment.


You will practice and find what is important to you and your life. So you can work towards a happier life.

Say hello to a world of self-love

We are My True Value and we strive to help you believe in your own worth. To help everyone believe in themselves. Our app is our way to help you become your true self. Through SELF, we digitalize all the best practices you get from therapists, psychologists, coaches, and mentors. It will make you feel lighter, happier, stronger and motivated. At the end of the day, the world will be better if we have more people feeling better in it.

We know you deserve to feel good enough!
Do you know it too?


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